Happy 2013

Happy 2013 from David and I

Happy 2013 from David and I


Life after death – a personal account

What does Life after Death really mean?

From David Goddard

Dear Rising Phoenix,

My dad died three years ago.

I didn’t know him well because he abandoned us when I was 5 years old. And since then, the time we’d spent together totaled no more than a couple of weeks.

On the day that he died, I got a phone-call telling me of his passing. And 20 minutes later – I went to him on the Astral Plane, and guided him through the intermediate zone, to make sure that he didn’t get stuck as an Earth-bound soul.

What do I mean by this?

When we first study the Qabalah, we learn about the many realms of being – the Seven Heavens, and the Higher Worlds. Then, our teachers showed us how to translate that theory into actual experience; and we travel to those realms – back and forth – learning and serving. And this is how a true Qabalist becomes a ’Walker-between-the-Worlds’.

Two days ago, I was ‘taken’ to my father – he was very changed. Side by side, we looked upon the ‘great river,’ where it flows into the infinite sea. I took him to the boat – the ‘Boat of Millions of Years’ – and I sailed some of the way with him. Before I left him, he blessed me, and then sailed on into the Beckoning Light.

What should you understand from this?

My father had completed his Purgation. He was no longer a Soul reviewing and processing his previous life on Earth; now he is a purified Spirit. And he has gone on, to whichever of the glorious realms that is compatible with his interior development. And there he will rest – amongst the glories of the High Places – until the call comes to ‘Go forth again’ – for another journey upon the Earth.

I hope you will find this personal story inspiring to continue with your own study and practice. Never give up! And if you haven’t quite started yet, begin now.

As it has been truly said: “There is no death, only a change of worlds”. And as an ad I just saw states: “Time is there, use it, don’t use it…”

Thank you for being a subscriber.

May All Our Efforts Manifest in Beauty,

David Goddard
Co-Founder – Rising Phoenix Foundation
The Place for Western Esoteric Wisdom

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“How do I test spirits?”

By David Goddard

Testing the Spirits

This week I received a message from someone, asking:

“I have been looked after by a spirit or fallen angel called N—. he guides me and instructs me … he does have a bad habit to throw around objects … when he wants my attention so he can speak to me. What shall I do, and should I be happy about him in my life?”

Not all spirits, or Angels, are of the Light; there are many false, deceiving and dark spirits who do not have humanity’s best interests in mind.

We should not follow the guidance of just any spirit. It is vital that all “spirit-guides” are tested. This cultivation of spiritual discernment is very important.

So, here are some guidelines to discerning the nature of a spirit.

Spirits-in-God, will never flatter you, or bolster pride and arrogance; nor will they encourage you to feel superior to others, or make great claims about yourself. Spirits of righteousness will not tell you things that contradict the teachings of authentic Wisdom-traditions; they will not tighten the knots of bondage to egotism or self-cherishing.

True spirits of Light, will invoke active love and compassion, and will seek to draw out the good in you. And they will also educate you in the healing of your soul.

In a nutshell, the way to discern the truth about any entity (or teaching for that matter) is to look deeply, and then and ask yourself: ‘Does this take me closer to God – or not?’

And thank you for being a subscriber.

May All Our Efforts Manifest in Beauty,

David Goddard
Co-Founder – Rising Phoenix Foundation
The Place for Western Esoteric Wisdom

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Happy New Year and What is the True Purpose of Spirituality?

From David Goddard

Dear Rising Phoenix,

A grace-filled New Year to one and all!

The beginning of a new year is an ideal time to consciously move towards your deepest wellbeing, happiness and joy. Although you might not know what that is – yet; you will certainly know if you have reached deepest wellbeing, or not. And the real purpose of spiritual work is to manifest that fulfillment in our lives.

People often overlook this.

They think that spiritual work is all about discipline, concentration, self-restraint, and developing awareness. And although that is part of it, it is not the whole picture – it is not the goal.

Spiritual work is like any other craft, science or skill; let’s take painting as an example. At first you have to learn the discipline of the art: how to mix paint, how to apply it, different brush-strokes, etc. But once those skills are mastered, the intuition, the soul of the painter, can then be expressed through the art. And the artist experiences fulfillment and joy through the co-creation of beauty.

The true goal of spiritual work – for which all the skills prepare us – is unending joy: the direct experience of what is deathless and changeless – the unending freedom of eternity. “… (T)he perfect realization of the eternal splendor of the Limitless Light”.

Remember, any problem, obstacle or shortcoming that you may be currently experiencing – just smile at it! Why?

You should smile at it because, this is the cosmic truth, you are forever, and the problem or obstacle or shortcoming is temporary.

May All Our Efforts Manifest in Beauty,

David Goddard
Co-Founder – Rising Phoenix Foundation
The Place for Western Esoteric Wisdom

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“What’s the Simplest Spiritual Secret I Can Start Using Today?”

From Benjamin Philips (as David Goddard is preparing for an intensive retreat)

Here’s one of the most unappreciated aspects of spiritual practice. Not to mention THE SIMPLEST spiritual secret you can start using today!

It makes your life calmer, richer and more peaceful.

It’s a tremendous way to open the door to crystal mental clarity.

And you’ll the amazed how simple it is to do; and how quickly you can learn to do it.

And this technique unknots the subconscious association between events, feelings and thoughts. By using it we learn just how much of what we do is stimulated by what happened beforehand. We may think we make decisions – but often it turns out these decisions are simply reactions to the stimuli of prior events.

This knowledge frees us

  • It helps us avoid making negative thought and feeling patterns that are usually strengthened by repetition.
  • It helps us to discern the difference between Causes and Effects.
  • In fact, it helps us master our lives.
  • Not only that, it improves our memory.
  • And Improves dream recall.

And, when we die, we will have much less baggage to process, so we can enter the Shining Place more swiftly.

So what must you do to get all this?

It’s so simple, you may not believe me, but here it is:

Last thing at night, with your head resting on your pillow, you re-run the events of your day BACKWARDS. Just like watching a movie re-winding.
(see this very short video I made to illustrate what I mean…)

Extra Tip:
You must make sure that it is done non-judgementally – without criticism, self-justification, or attachment.

Just start from the time when you climbed into bed – and then retrace the events of the day – back until you got out of bed that morning.

Simple huh? But it has abundant results.

If you do not regularly review/reflect on your life – it is not really living at all – it is just mere existence.

My 30 Day Challenge to You

Give the Evening Review a try for 30 days. Then let me know how it works out for you. I bet you will experience some profound improvements.

I look forward to hearing from you.

And thank you for being a subscriber.

Dedicated to Your Spirit,

Benjamin Philips
Editor – Rising Phoenix Foundation
The Place for Western Esoteric Wisdom

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“My uncensored view about the Mayan calendar?”

From Benjamin Philips (as David Goddard is preparing for an intensive retreat)

Dear Reader,

I’m sure you’ve heard it all over the place.

The world will end in 2012!

If you read some ‘spiritual’ web sites, you can’t miss it.

The world, as we know it, will end in 2012 simply because the Mayan calendar ended at 2012…

Now, I’m sure if you re-read the above sentence you will be struck by a glaring fact (especially if you know something about Mayan history).

The Mayans didn’t completely cease to exist. But they did have to abandon their great cities, and they devolved back into nomadic jungle dwellers. Personally, I think the Mayan demise was due to a number of factors. But on an esoteric level, their demise can be explained by their group karma – that was the result of their ruthless lust for blood.

Human sacrifice can never, never, be explained away, or condoned. And anyone who thinks the Mayans were ‘spiritual people’ needs to watch the film “Apocalypta,” or read scholarly books, for a serious wake-up call!

The reason why the “Mayan Calendar” ended – was because the priest-astronomers had to abandone the buildings they used – and any sophisticated calendar requires that measurements always be made from the exact same spot. In fact, all Mayan architectural construction projects came to an end.

As most senior occultists know, the “gods” of the Maya were in fact demons. At first, the demons gave the Maya some knowledge, but once they were ‘hooked’ the demons led the priests down the dark path of suffering and pain. It is not only individuals who can become possessed by demons; sometimes an entire society can be too – as history shows.

And demons are always liars; they are “spirits of untruth”. So I recommend a more sober, clear-sighted look at the hysterical “2012 hype” that is being punted these days.

Consider carefully what you take on board as “truth”. For the sake of your own happiness and well being.

Thank you for being a subscriber.

Dedicated to Your Spirit,

Benjamin Philips
Editor – Rising Phoenix Foundation
The Place for Western Esoteric Wisdom

The Spiritual Solution for the Financial Crisis <– Special invite

How Can Sacred Wisdom Can Help Protect You

You have probably heard the recent forecasts
by the International Monetary Fund (World Bank)
about the Global economy getting worse.
Government reports and economists are predicting
economic ‘no growth’ in the USA, Europe and elsewhere.

The cycles of Lack and Plenty are the alternations
of Withholding and Outpouring.
And, of course, this is the result of the law of Karma,
of cause-and-effect. It is the consequence
of human actions, and human mental and emotional energy,
both as individuals and as collectives.

*Why the Old Ways No Longer Work*

Most people’s idea of recovery
is basically trying to return to the way things were –
propping up the same systems of greed and lust-for-power –
that precipitated the worldwide crisis in the first place.
And insanity has been defined as:
“Doing the same thing again,
yet expecting different results!”

*The Law of Individuals*

But, this financial world crisis,
which will affect the majority,
does NOT have to affect everyone.
People, like you, who are seeking
to become spiritually whole,
come under what is called
the ‘law of individuals,’ not the ‘law of masses’.

However, although we may know that,
the influence of the Collective Mind
should never be underestimated.
In the days ahead, we will often be surrounded
by folk broadcasting negativity.
And, government spokes-persons, newspapers,
and TV shows will also reinforce this fear.
And, although we may ‘know’ better,
the power of the undertow
of the Collective will be strong.

*So, what can you do about it?*

We all need to have specific meditations
about Supply and Abundance in place,
which we can use whenever
we feel negativity influencing us.

*Free Because You Are Part of Our Family*

To help you put this into place,
Benjamin has suggested,
that I do this kind of meditation with you.
In this way we will create our own group-mind
filled with thoughts of Infinite Supply
and Limitlessness;
that we can access whenever we need to –
rather than struggling alone.

*Register Now For This Free Event*

So, on Sunday, 2nd October,
I will do a webinar for you
during which we will all visualize,
meditate, and envision Prosperity together!
(I chose this date because
it’s the festival of the Holy Guardian Angels.)
Although this webinar will be recorded
so you can access it afterwards –
whenever you need it;
I emphatically URGE YOU to attend it live (in real time).

Because then you get all the benefits of a live transmission –
and be a part of the Group-mind
for Abundance as it is born!

Join us on 2nd October for this cyber Magic!

16:00 GMT
17:00 BST

*Register Now For This Free Event*

Dedicated to the riches of your Spirit,

David Goddard
for Rising Phoenix Foundation

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